Monday, July 09, 2007

Whats been happening here lately......

Well i have been busy sewing then my overlocker decided it didnt like me and it took almost two weeks to sort that out, but now i am getting back into my sewing during the day and have been doing some knitting at night while watching TV.


I made this its a Calorimetry and i think i knitted it up a bit big but it was fun to do now i have to knit another one up as my DD has claimed this one! Thats ok as i have enough of this wool left, which by the way was wool that i dyed up and had a great time doing!

Other knitting i will show off once it has been finished :)

And to finish this post off heres a pic of my two monkeys!
This is a pic from a month or so ago

My big cheeky monkey doing what she does best!
My cheeky monkey still no teeth