Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My op shop buy today, i cant believe i walked into my local op shop and found a box of singer parts!

Kim i think the second picture of the smaller box has the zipper foot top left hand corner to the right of the blue thing (great terminology hey!)

I am just about to add a clearer pic of it for you

No idea what this foot would be used for but it sure does look interesting! Anyone reading this if you know what it is and what its used for it would be very helpful :)
So not the best pic but yet another foot i have no idea what it is lol

Kim this is the one i think would be the zipper foot, let me know if it is handy for you
Well this is my version of the little pouch from this tutorial. It was quick to make and really easy, the next one i will make lined with PUL so it is water proof so can be used for a little make up bag.

I should add here these photos really don't do it justice lol
I like this material have had it a while and was at a loss of what to make with it. So some of it turned into this pouch, and i am thinking of making a tote style bag out of some more of it but its quite a bright fabric i dont know if i would use it lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catch up post from me

This is the supergirl cape Bailey wanted me to make her, just so dont look closely at the applique lol

Bailey chose the colours she wanted and what she wanted on it and then sat and helped me pin the material and sat chatting to me while i did the sewing.

It was gorgeous she said to me are you finished yet and i explained i just needed to turn it the right way out and sew the edge, and she gave me a kiss and told me i am doing a great job! I thought this was gorgeous since she has been playing me up due to last week but now it seems my happy girl is back!

Now this photo is better late then never i suppose! These shorts are made from gorgeous denim minky and are so soft to touch and double as a nappy cover too!
Now do you think i could take those necklaces of off Hartley? He thought they were great fun to play with! I love this picture probably because of the necklaces and the grin cos he knows he's being cheeky! Also because it was taken when his skin was normal and not sore looking
This is how Hartley looked on monday, still looking bruised and sore but a big improvement on how it was when the welts first happened, now just ignore the look of the ugly disgustable we have just got Hartley back into his modern cloth nappies yesterday after all the medicine stopped as i didn't want any of his nappies being ruined.

Also i think with what went on in the past week i dont think using cloth in hospital would have worked came in handy that the hospital supplied nappies to use while in there as packign nappies was the last thing on my mind when we headed out the door to go to the emergency department

This is Hartleys chest on the same day i hate the bruise near his left armpit, it looks so yucky and then theres his thighs that are still red and welty looking of course no where near as bad as they were and he's not in the pain he was in from them but now since he isn't going through enough as it is he has a molar coming through

This sock monkey was a SS present i received this year from a lovely friend called Danni, while its my softie Hartley and Bailey claimed it as theres and have become attached to it so much so we took it to hospital with us and Hartley would just lie there cuddling it as it is nice and soft.
Now we're home he still won't let it out of his sight! But that doesn't bother me as long as he's happy and smiling then i'm happy! These last two pictures were from yesterday it's amazing to see the change in his marks in just 24hrs the bruise by his armpit is there but hard to see in the light it was taken.
Hartley's face looks sorer but its the nature of the beast since his skin is so sensitive at the moment even rubbing his eyes when he's tired causes big red blotches :(

Its funny but the first welt appearred last monday 14th of jan and now nine days later he still looks sore but luckily isn't as sore as it looks, i am wondering how long till his skin stops being so sensitive to light, touch and water, i was told seven to ten days so hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Ok long blog from me

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

These are what Hartley looked like before it got even worse, my poor baby was so sore to be touched and i so dont blame him!

Why my children will never have cefaclor again.

Hi everyone,

Last monday Hartley started on a course of cefaclor for a staph infection, this is something i now really regret giving to him, fast forward to this monday and he got a line of welts along the top of his nappy which i assumed was a reaction to disposables as we had to use them till the infection had cleared.

Hartley woke on tuesday morning at 6.30am Damien checked him over and it hadnt got worse so brought him into me and he fed and napped till 7.00am when we woke and i noticed the red welts was now all over his belly with a few spots on his legs and arms. I woke Bailey up and packed a nappy bag and went to my mums and dads. Dad agreed it was a reaction to something and had Bailey while i took Hartley to Flinders medical centre to the emergency department. We got in straight away and were there for three hours in which time the doctor said it was a reaction and prescribed phenergan and panadol to help with the pain and advised me if anything changes to bring him back in.

4pm that afternoon the welty area on his belly had got a circle of purple bruising (you can almost see it in the second photo in the previous post) which i freaked out grabed hartley and rushed him back to energency and got told by the same doctor that i was worrying over nothing and it hadnt changed since that morning which it had changed the doctor was a moron and made me feel like a paranoid parent so we went back home Hartley had a nap.

I woke hartley up at 9pm as he had been sleeping for a while and i had to keep fluid in him, when i woke him he was covered up to his chest and on his neck and legs to his knees, so 10pm we're walkign back into emergency and saw a different dr, drpalash who was wonderful and considering they were very busy we got seen fairly quickly.

Dr Palash informed me it looks like a serum sickness which to my understanding means the antib's have made him sick, there are four different ways of reacting some react straight away some have delayed reactions and some react once the antibs are stopped, the later being hartley, now he only said it looks like serum sickness as he had never seen it that bad before, which is something every pead we saw told us, they had seen it but only minor compared to hartley who had an extreme reaction. He had bloods taken and we did a trial of fluids as hartley hadnt been feeding well at all and had been throwing up. We also got the choice to stay in or to come back in the morning to be a day stay on the ward and see the head pead, we chose to come back after discussing it with dr Palash.

When we went in yesterday morning Hartley had gotten worse he was now covered head to toe and i mean covered, he screamed his lungs out any time he was touched and was over sensitive to light, worse bit was he wanted cuddles, he just wanted me to hold him but it hurt him so much, how as a parent can we comfort when it causes so much pain?

So yesterday we saw the pead hartley got given panadol as he was februal when we got there (temps was 39.8) he also got given nurofen a short time later to help with the swelling, oh forgot that bit Hartleys hands, wrists, belly, feet, and ankle were very swollen. The doctor wanted to do a trial of fluids and let hartley sleep and come back at 3pm to see how he was and decide then if he was going to be admitted or just brought back in in the morning. The pead also asked if it was ok for the hospitals photographer to take some pictures which i didnt mind

He was admitted and given steroids as it had got even worse, i had to leave hartley to pop home and get some clothes for the night and make sure everything for bailey was organised, this was so hard to leave him in hospital hes only been left once for a few hours out of damien or my care, lets just say i cried the whole way home everything had just hit me and i couldnt help but wonder if it is just going to keep getting worse.

When we got back to the hospital damien came with me and hartley actually smiled at his daddy he was so happy to see him, so my sooky crying in pain boy had a smile for daddy which is greta as damien was at home during the day stressed out with worry looking after bailey.

That evenings rounds of visits had the doctors prep hartley for a drip and blood test until hartley did his first pee of the day all over the cot lol it was funny at the time as the doctor had the nappy off seeing the spread that had happened into the nappy area in the last hour, but it was great that he peed it avoided a drip, then once the doctor had done a google search which confirmed everyones thoughts on it being serum sickness he said another blood test wasnt needed. The google searched showed another case of this but that babies rash/welts were only up to chest level and to the knee whereas Hartley was covered from the top of his head to his toes.

During the night hartley was up in pain at 3am till 4,30am so we had a bit of a restless night but the trundle bed wasnt too uncomfy! But on waking Hartley was walking the cot and giggling and happier so once the doctrs did the rounds we got discharged with steroids to give him every 24hrs to help it clear up.

I just want to also add if your little one gets prescribed cefaclor or ceclor please think twice as 30% of children react to this antiB and its one the hospitals refuse to prescribe as its a known one for side effects and they are stumped why the doctors keep prescribing it when there are other antiBs they can prescribe.

I am going to update with other photos but on my previous post is pictures of how Hartley was at 4pm on tuesday these were taken then i noticed the change around his belly button so thats when the second hosp visit was. I'll add the later photos too so that you can see the difference in a few short hoursI have to say it was very funny being in hospital as we had over 50 doctors and nurses come and look at hartley as no one had seen it before and he was being talked about, and when other mum n dads saw him all i got asked was is that meningococcal

Thank you if you read all this sorry it is so long and detailed but i hope it raises awareness of the severity of cefaclor's side effects, and if it stops one child having a reaction then that is fantastic as no parents wants to see their baby in that much pain.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My poor baby boy

My poor baby, last monday i had him at the doctors for his 12month immunisations and the doc checked his nappy rash that turned out to be a staph infection and got antiB's for it and into sposies so didn't want my gorgeous modern cloth nappies getting wrecked by the creams.

Hartley has been unsettled since but last night he got a rash nothing too bad but definately worth keepin an eye on and i thought it was a reaction to the yucky disposables and their chemicals, he woke this morning covered in this rash and welts and was sick all over me.

So off to hospital we went and got seen straight away turns out he's had an allergic reaction 80% sure its to the antiBs as dad, my brother and myself are allergic to penicillin.

These pictures were taken at 4pm after it had started looking better so imagine how worse it was!

Excuse the sideways pics :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's funny when you look at a picture and realise your baby girl is growing up way too quickly! She's wearing the singlet i was making for Hartley but it turned out huge and fit Bailey, her reply when i asked for a picture?

"Oh mannn" No idea where this has come from but it's all i heard from her all weekend, other then "You have a yummy boyfriend" or "You have a ugly boyfriend" both the boyfriend ones we are stumped no idea who has said that to her as she's not at kindy due to holidays, but it did give us a laugh when she said to my dad that he had a yummy boyfriend!

Another thing Bailey has learnt this weekend is how to dive under the water and keep her eyes and mouth closed! I came home from Spotlight and she was so proud to show me and i was so proud of her as she hates getting her face wet.

This is the op shop fabric i was talkign about last post, though the emerald cord is really hard to see as silly me took the photo on our green leather sofa

And Last is of Bailey with Star the coastal carpet python, not the best picture as our friend Dan was just putting Star around Baileys neck, but this girl is obsessed with our scaley pets and always wants to hold them and will probably grow up working with them in some way if she keeps going how she is!

Friday, January 04, 2008

First spotlight venture for 2008

And i have to say i didn't actually spend much, i did buy two remnants, one is large frangipani print with blue background around a meter that DD when shown deicded she wants pants, the second remnant i gto was a 2m piece of bright pink knit which feels like velour and is nice and soft and is going to be turned into a tracksuit for DD, and a pattern Newlook 6452 to make Hartley a all in one for winter, it goes from size 2 up to size 6 and also has a pattern for a nightie, top and shorts and pants, so i might have to make miss bai a nightie too :)

The other material was some black knit for a tshirt for Bailey and a singlet for Hartley, some cotton rich fleece to turn into some bum wipes for Hartley some elastic which i run out of, and some underwear elastic to make Bailey some knickers that fit her properly, and the impulse buy was a green stretch knit that has dots on one side and stripes on the other and some matching Gutterman thread, which i finally remembered to buy and not get home and curse as i forgot to get matching thread!

Then i stopped at an op shop on the way home and got some emerald green cord material around 2m for $4, then the lady said to pop back in later if i got time as she had more to put out, but i said i couldn't so she let me go pick what i wanted and i got some gorgeous red penguin flanelette (bailey love penguins) some blue cotton with flowers, black and white stripes, some blue with cars, sun, clouds, lighthouses, and boats on it, and a white cotton still with tags with a sail boat and anchor on it, which cost me $4 so i was very happy with that great bargain, i might have to pop back tomorrow and see what else they have there!

So now with all this material i really should get some sewing done, i wonder if i can finish DS singlet before he wakes from his late arvo sleep?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolutions......

Better late then never i suppose!

  • Lose weight make 2008 the year i change my eating habits and exercise habits and actually start to exercise and cut out the junk food
  • Start sewing with the material have then going out and buying more which i am really bad for
  • Sew 90% of gifts and the kids clothes, this should be easy as i sew majority of the kids clothes already, i might also aim at sewing my own clothes too which wont be too hard as i dont need any clothes till i lose weight!
  • Have more fun with the kids, not like we dont have fun now but i want to have more fun with them, go to the park more, take them swimming more, go to the beach more, which i should do more often seeing as the beach is only down the road!
  • Be more organised, yes thats right i need to get organised i might have to go get an organiser to write down activities that are planned so i know what days are free and what days aren't
  • Be more social, i am a bit of a hermit and i never used to be, so my goal this year is to get out of the house more and meet new people, last year i started taking the kids to playgroup and this year i want to start doing other fun activities so have started chatting in the SA part of EB to meet more people around my area, not only will it be good for me but it will be good for Bailey and Hartley too.

Ok well six seems to be my number so i will keep to six resolutions hopefully all of them will be achievable for me, its not like i have done any that will be impossible to achieve, but to achieve mine i will have to actually make myself do it them just think yeah i'll do it tomorrow!

Well it's time i got off this computer and hopped on the exercise bike for 5kms and i might also have some time to do my first sewing of 2008, and i have a snake tank to clean, all before my terror wakes from his morning nap, and yes he is a terror he is into everything lately even broke my glass mixing bowl yesterday :( and as he's tall for a 13mo he can reach into the sink and on the boards so now a baby gate is in place

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2008 :)