Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well no sewing going on lately for me but i have been knitting Hartley a pair of longies, i just need to knit the gusset and the legs, can't be too hard but doing the gusset is a new thing for me so its being stalled lol

My great news is that one of our snakes is definately gravid!!!! So happy about this as it means we will have baby Maccies this season, but i do hate playing the waiting game, we know she's pregnant but now we just have to try and be patient and wait for her to lay her eggs.

Our other pair that we thought would mate this season turns out to be two males hahahaha hmmm i highly doubt we will be seeing any baby darwins this season from them lol Oh well gives me a good excuse to find an adult female darwin.

Ok off to do some blog surfing and then i might go cut out a pattern or tackle the gusset of the longies lol