Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well this will just be quick, i have finally set up a blog to show off what i whipped up tonight, now i just have to take pictures of all the other things i have created to show off!

A little bit about myself, i am 23years old and have a gorgeous little girl named Bailey who is two and five months, i have a gorgeous guy Damien who will be 25 a week after our son is due, oh yeah did i say i was pregnant? I am now 29wks along, and am sre the next eleven, maybe nine will fly by, i get to find out on the 3/11 whether ot not i can have a natural labour again due to placenta preavia. I live in SA down south at Hallett Cove, but have lived in Vic and Nsw and was born in england, ok think that is all i can think of right now about myself!

Tonight i whipped up these pants in an hour and a half from cutting to finishing this pair and another pair exactly the same but in a blue material, unfortunately DD had a tantrum and wouldnt even put them on so i had to dress her in her pjs when she finally fell asleep, so very bad pic of them. Oh did i mention i have a thing for stripes atm, i have the same material in purple and white hehehehe sad arent i?

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ingrid said...

Oh Wow Kys, my mum lives in Hallett Cove. Small world! Love the pants by the way :-)