Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can't believe it i have actually been sewing lately.......

First up was making a coat for my brother Nikki, in total it took around 10hrs and i did it al in one day, but left the hemming and buttons till my brother had tried it on, so i have something i have to finish tonight then its all complete.

Yesterday we went and bought the wool to make the good version of the coat, $240 later OMG i am going to be so nervous cutting into that material, now we need to go to Spotlight and get the buttons as Lincraft didn't have them, actually yesterday i was reminded why i don't shop at Lincraft very often.

The last thing i made was a Hoodie set for Hartley monkey which he wore yesterday when we went out but threw up all over himself before i had a chance to take a nice photo of him in it, always the way isnt it!

Ok bestgo Hartley has been awake since 5am and just woke from a 15min nap, so i think today is going to be loooooooong but fingers crossed no more chucking.


Christinesew said...

Hi Kys,
You left a comment on my blog http://sewchristine.blogspot.com/ about softies. I don't know what these are. Can you enlighten me please?

Kys said...

I'll reply here and on your blog too, but softies are toys made from material, like ones pictured in this thread:



Zigzag Baby said...

Hello! Good to see YOU have a blog too!!!! hehe Thanks for playing along with the good Karma on my little waffle blog! Coz you are poster number two YOU'RE IN!!!! Now to think up some little gifts... hard when I know you're such a creative little person yourself! LOL.