Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well better late then never hehehe

Got some piccies to share of our mummy! This was taken 36days ago when she laid 13 eggs, she had one retained so once we placed her back in the tank we noticed the bumped checked her out and realised so placed the nesting box back in and yep the egg got laid a little while later, though it was a nerve wracking wait! So we have 14 eggs in the incubator, one is quite interesting, it had something on the egg that we got told was probably poop but when you look closely it looks like a bit protruding from the egg. It has also 'stained' some other eggs and has a bit of mould on it but is still healthy with no smell and we kind of candled them (used a normal torch lol) and can see lots and lots of red veins inside. Tonight they started dimpling and after posting on aussie pythons asking for advice got a reply saying this can happen two weeks prior to hatching, so big relief that they are going along normally!

Oh should mention the egg you can see at the bottom left of the clutch that isn't with the rest of the clutch we thought was a bad egg as normally healthy eggs all clump together, this egg to seems very healthy lots of red veins, lucky we didn't give up on it and put it in the incubator to give it a chance!

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