Thursday, November 29, 2007

My baby boy turned one today......

Where did that year go?

It has totally flown past so quickly that it isnt funny.
I am happy to say his first birthday marks an achievement for me that i didnt know if i could make or not....... thats right i have been breastfeeding my boy for one whole year!!!! And i should add he loves it and its such a great comforter for him, and it has helped him grow into the big boy he is today as he has never had formula, he has had a few bottles of EBM but not too many as he realised he didnt like the fake nipple lol

This was a picture of Hartley having his bedtime feed last night, i finally got around to getting Damien to take a picture or two, i love how sleepy his eyes look but he just doesnt want to give in to sleep!

Gorgeous birthday card and present Bailey made for Hartley at kindy this morning, i wish i had the camera for when she showed hartley as his face lit up, it was so gorgeous!

Next up is the Raggedy edge blanket i made for Hartley, i chose to make it out of this lovely flanelette, which is a nice boy print without being too babyish or too old for my baby! Next time i think i will make one out of cotton and do a mix of prints, this blast off print i had no idea what i wanted to go with it, but i think this looks great and am happy with it, so that is all that matters. Oh i found the tutorial for this quilt on Helens blog which can be found here

Bailey chose to give Hartley this Elmo, which he absolutely loves! He is at the stage that he will crawl up to Budha (whose bottom is in the picture) and when shes lying down he will lie on her and cuddle her, he does it to teddies too, so a lounging elmo was needed, and i have lost count of how many times already it has been laid on for a cuddle!

I think Hartley loved this big CAT dump truck, he found out quickly all the sounds it makes and was walking it around the lounge room and sitting on it for a ride, it was gorgeous, as gorgeous as his giggle when it did the reversing noise!

Last picture is of the end result, actually i think halfway result of Daddy feeding Hartley birthday cake! Lets say he loved it! The cake was made by Bailey with a little help by me, and it went down very well

Ok I'll be back with more pictures tomorrow as there are a heap more but these were a few i wanted to share :)

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Helen said...

Happy first birthday to your little man! Looks like he had a lovely day. Congrats on making it through his first year breast feeding too! I know how rewarding that feels. :) And I am glad the tutorial for the raggedy edges can in handy, yours looks nice and snuggly, great job!