Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well i have been slack lately but things have been busy around here, and from sunday till wednesday i had a migraine that knocked me for six, it was my first and yeah really wasn't fun.

First started with Hartley teething and its still going these four eye teeth just dont want to come through yet, almost but not quite, and along with that he's picked up a pretty bad ear infection :( My poor lil baby!

Bailey is growing up very quickly, every day she comes out with something new, some days good some days bad, like her favourite thing to say lately is kakapoopoohead haha she thinks shes hilarious, and i have to admit its pretty cute!

Well 12 days till my baby turns one, and i just want to know where did all the time go?

Today we went to the local christmas pageant and Bailey loved it, i am sure Hartley liked it with everyone going past and all that but he was restricted to the pram where as bailey was standing dancing and waving to everyone telling them merry christmas, it was a really fun day, and lucky wasn't too too hot, then we popped home got towels and headed down to Moana and drove on the beach which Bailey thought was hilarious, and went for a swim, it was great the water was icey cold at first but then started feeling nice and cooling! And everyone had a nap this afternoon, but i do think the heat is causing my migraine to come back :(

Ok time for pics let me dig up some new ones, the ones from today are still on the camera with a flat battery so i'll post them next time.

What happens when you let a three year old pick their own outfit?
Well they of course pick the dress from one outfit and the pants from the second, then lies on the lounge with her eyes closed!
It did look very cute and got some lovely comments from playgroup!

Hartley thought that was the moment to harrass her with an apple! And then while sitting
together Hartley wanted his hair brushed, this is something he loves lately, i will be brushing baileys hair and he comes up to me and cries till i start brushing his hair!

Next up is Bailey being very cheeky giggling that i cant get a picture of her, and umm well i could get a picture of her lol

And lastly my spunky monkey after swimming yesterday, such a cute picture i just had to share it!
Before i get asked yes his head is higher then the pram back when he sits up! He's getting so big it isnt funny, but he's so gorgeous though and is so so cheeky

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