Sunday, December 02, 2007

Isnt his bum gorgeous?
And look at those gorgeous chubby thighs!
This was his birthday nappy cover i made for him to wear for his bday party, i have to say i am very happy with how it turned out, a few little mistakes but hey you get that! I wont share how many times i had to do the back elastic lol
His bday party was great we had family over and just got to relax and catch up, and we organised christmas lunch which i sscary to think how close christmas is!
Saying christmas i have officially gotten the bad mummy award for forgetting about Baileys advent calendar, so Tuesday when i go shopping i will pick up some bits to put in Baileys advent calendar that her lovely Aunty Liana made her two years ago, now to sort one out for Hartley, hmmm second vote for bad mummy award will be when he gets bought a store one with chocolate inside lol
This week is going to be busy we have playgroup monday, Kindy christmas party tuesday (which i am making Hartley a christmas shirt for and need to do tomorrow) and wednesday we are going to the zoo with playgroup, hmmm thursday can be our sit home and chill out day lol
22 days until christmas, where has this year gone?
Maybe i need to work out my to do list tomorrow and work out what Bailey and Hartley are getting for christmas :D

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