Monday, September 24, 2007

Well what my blog about if my other babies aren't in it???

So i thought it is time to introduce my other loves :)
First up is Biggie the olive python, he is such a gentle giant and very placid, i think Bailey has a massive soft spot for him she helps looks after him by turning his light on each morning, now just wait till they both grow and shes going to claim him!
Now is our girl of the group, she is our newest baby and it took us almost two months to name her, and to match her attitude we called her Missy as she is a lil miss, she handles well once she is out of the vivarium but doesnt like being taken out, but i should add she is improving with time, and yes she loves soaking in her water bowl

Now here is my baby lapping up the bottle brush tree outside. This is Sakima, a gorgeous lil boy who had a major attitude problem but now knows we are boss and is used to being handled again now and only shows attitude when we go to put him back in his vivarium. But he's my gorgeous boy thopugh i wish he would start eating again grrrr fussy eating mister!

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