Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I hope everyone has had a great day and is full of turkey and stuffing and all things yummy!

We had a wonderful day and visited both sides of each family, and were hardly home but it was great fun and not as stressful as last year was (mind you we did have a three week old baby and move house two days before!)

Santa brought Bailey what she asked for, water, a sleeping bag, and books, what a simple life to be happy to get water from santa, so gorgeous! We spent xmas eve visiting xmas lights for two hours then we spotted santa heading our way so came home and went off to bed, i think it took Bailey all of two minutes to fall asleep she was so excited and tired.

Hartley waved bubbye for the first time today and waved to uncle Calvin then just to show he knew how to do it waved bye to Poppy, Nanna, Aunty Kim, and his sister lol

I might upload some photos tomorrow as i can hear my bed calling me nice and loudly!

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