Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two years and it feels like more!!

Well first off i should say Happy Bday to my lil brother who is 20 today! Hey Nikki when did you get so old? LOL

I still remember you as a 2/3 year old on a famous sydney red rattler coming home from Darling Harbour and the train jolted and you said 'oh shiiit' and had half the business men in suits have to leave the seats to go laugh and the other half hid behind their newspapers tryign to hide their laughter! Best bit was mum telling you off while trying not too laugh, and gosh thats a hard thing to do

But back to the original title, two years today Damien and i started going out, gosh that sounds so high school saying that lol

The time has gone so quickly that it feels like we have been together much longer, he is such a good dad to Bailey and Hartley, yes some days he drives me nuts but hey thats what its all about isnt it! Sometimes i nag him as he is a slacker at home but he goes out he works he supports Hartley, Bailey and I and allows me to be home with the kids, he allows me to do my hobby of sewing and have time at the weekend when i want to do that, heck unless i think about it i forget that Bailey isn't actually his biological daughter as he is the best dad to her, the only dad she really knows. I love the bond that they have and often i just love spying on them when their outside pottering around in the garden, or listening to the stories they make up when playing.

But two years has gone by really fast and i wonder where we will be in another two years time, i wonder if by then we will have another bubba or not, or have the boat we want to go out fishing with, or the old car to do up, or if we will have had two successful breeding seasons with the snakes.

Well while the house is quiet with Damien and Hartley having a nap and Bailey visiting mum and dad i might go get some sewing done and finish this bottle holder i started ages ago

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