Monday, September 10, 2007

The early bird really does get the worm

I was just doing my normal window shopping before bed and realised someone is selling something that i have cut out ready to be sewn :( Now i have no idea if i should still go ahead and sew it up or leave it and make it when my niece will fit into it as bailey is too big

Well i have had a semi productive evening and finished the camo bikes pencil roll and it turned out better then i thought and i have a different version that i will be making next time so there are two different types in the shop, so tomorrow i better go buy some pencils to go with them, and grab some of the material from SL that i liked last time but didnt grab.

Tomorrow Bailey has kindy in the morning and she surprises me everyday she is growing up so quickly i remember when she was a tiny newborn and i was having my first cuddle and i didnt want to leave her to go have a shower and get cleaned up. From that moment on i knew my sole purpose in life was to be a mum, fast forward to 41months later and i feel if we dont end up having number three that our family is perfect and that if number three does happen then it will still be perfect. Which is odd as i always wanted to have five kids but i'm so content with Bailey and Hartley.

On that note one day i should write out there births before my memory goes and i forget the details, i still remember the high that i had after having Hartley which i think was due to a quick intense labour gosh all that pain i think i was happy it was over and so excited to go see him in the special care nursery to make sure nothing was wrong, which it wasn't thankfully the scan was wrong and he was just a long long baby!
I love this photo of Bailey just captures her perfectly shows that cheeky happy girl she is

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