Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well life has been busy, Hartley still is sick with a chest infection and fluid on the ears so is now on stronger antibiotics, but he's being a champ and taking it well. Then yesterday Bailey woke not well with a fever and very very quiet which is so not her, but this morning she seems ok.
So this weekend i didnt have time to get much sewing done and when i did sew i broke my overlocker :( So not happy about that as i love my overlocker but i guess today i will try and figure out whats up with it and fix it, so i did some simple sewing and made some fleece shorties to list in my shop and these almost didnt make it to the shop as i think they are just so cute! And i finally worked out how to applique (yes it took a while lol) and i have had some awesome African sunset material that i couldnt wait to adorn a top or two or three for a little boy, but you can see that here

I thought i might share a picture that i love!

I made this smock for Bailey and love it, it so suits her which is great. The material i have had sitting around for a year and had no idea what i wnated to do with it as it is so bright so i think the contrasting pocket is really effective, the smock itself is reversible and on the other side is all the bee material with a black pocket. So my little miss Bee has her own bee top that she tells everyone mummy made it for me, gotta love her! She's being so cheeky in the picture but still smiling not pulling faces like she tends to do when she sees the camera!

The second picture i dont know why i love but she looks like shes standing there waiting for vistitors, and her hair looks so cute in a messy bun!
I love the style of the smock top on her and have made some to list in my shop, and they seem pretty popular! Teh one in my shop is such a pretty girly print, you can see it here

For good measure i better find one of little man, who has started pulling himself up, but then after ten seconds his legs give way, which isnt surprising as he's just hit 13kg, hes growing so so fast my lil baby isnt really a baby anymore :(

This was taken the other day as the sun was going down, it was such a lovely spring day that i thought i might get him outside and take a picture of his Snugglepants cotton outer aio that i absolutely love!

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