Monday, September 24, 2007

My ramblings

Well i don't know where to begin but an incident happened on the site i sell through, and to be honest it stinks of foul play. It may just be that i am overly suspisous but there has been some other things going on to that makes me that way, i always thought a little bit of friendly competition was healthy but obviously not.

Another thing i dont get i dont know why some people have to be so downright rude about other people whether it be on a forum or in a blog or face to face, but ome things i have come across lately just makes my head spin.

Now onto my news i love my two monkeys they make me smile so much no matter how i feel they always manage to make me smile, they are both ever so cheeky!

Sewing side of things well i have been questioning that but you can't please everyone and some people well can't be pleased at all, this is my lesson learnt and hopefully next time i wont be losing money or time from learning the same lesson!

I have sewn Bailey another top that was a huge hit at playgroup i might make one up for the shop, then get cracking on the boys stuff i have in mind. But this top pictured below was made from an embroided denim with red and pink butterflies over it and on the reverse is a pink soft cord with butterlies can you tell Miss bee loves butterflies at the moment?? I should add in these pics she is too busy looking at Missy our Darwin carpet python

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