Sunday, September 09, 2007

Its been a while again since i last blogged, actually i am quite slack at blogging *ooops*

But i do have a excuse lol i have been getting no more then 4hrs sleep a night for almost two weeks and Hartley my baby giant has been sick and is starting to get better.

Kid news, well Bailey keeps getting bigger and showingus how quickly she is growing up and is such a gorgeous loving little girl. Hartley well he now has six teeth with his seventh almost through and although he has been sick he's still being such a happy little boy, he is going to be so cheeky when he is older!

Sewing wise well i have been busy getting ready for spring and summer sewing Hartley shorts and Bailey skirts, and last night i also perfected a present for my nephew which i hope he loves!

And after umming and ahhing for so so long (almost a year :o) i have finally opened up a shop to sell so sewn prjects through and i cant wait to see how well this hobby will go!

Sewing for the shop i have been swamped with custom orders which is great i love making little girl clothes that are totally girly! At the moment in store is the last of the fleece pants, a few custom twirly skirts, a gorgeous cherry halter neck dress with twirly skirt, and some nappy bamboo boosters and liners.

Hot tip is to keep checking my shop as there will be some cool gift ideas being listed as i have sewn them, like pencil rolls, knitting needle rolls, handbag tidies, and nappy wallets.

Some other great reusable products i have in the near future are reusable shopping bags in funky colours and patterns, some "booby pads" (love 3yo and names they call things!) made out of bamboo, and maybe some pretty girly clothes and boardies and short and singlet sets for the boys!

Ok time to get the monkeys off to bed so i can get some more sewing out of the way as tomorrow there will be no time for me to sew

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