Friday, January 04, 2008

First spotlight venture for 2008

And i have to say i didn't actually spend much, i did buy two remnants, one is large frangipani print with blue background around a meter that DD when shown deicded she wants pants, the second remnant i gto was a 2m piece of bright pink knit which feels like velour and is nice and soft and is going to be turned into a tracksuit for DD, and a pattern Newlook 6452 to make Hartley a all in one for winter, it goes from size 2 up to size 6 and also has a pattern for a nightie, top and shorts and pants, so i might have to make miss bai a nightie too :)

The other material was some black knit for a tshirt for Bailey and a singlet for Hartley, some cotton rich fleece to turn into some bum wipes for Hartley some elastic which i run out of, and some underwear elastic to make Bailey some knickers that fit her properly, and the impulse buy was a green stretch knit that has dots on one side and stripes on the other and some matching Gutterman thread, which i finally remembered to buy and not get home and curse as i forgot to get matching thread!

Then i stopped at an op shop on the way home and got some emerald green cord material around 2m for $4, then the lady said to pop back in later if i got time as she had more to put out, but i said i couldn't so she let me go pick what i wanted and i got some gorgeous red penguin flanelette (bailey love penguins) some blue cotton with flowers, black and white stripes, some blue with cars, sun, clouds, lighthouses, and boats on it, and a white cotton still with tags with a sail boat and anchor on it, which cost me $4 so i was very happy with that great bargain, i might have to pop back tomorrow and see what else they have there!

So now with all this material i really should get some sewing done, i wonder if i can finish DS singlet before he wakes from his late arvo sleep?

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