Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolutions......

Better late then never i suppose!

  • Lose weight make 2008 the year i change my eating habits and exercise habits and actually start to exercise and cut out the junk food
  • Start sewing with the material have then going out and buying more which i am really bad for
  • Sew 90% of gifts and the kids clothes, this should be easy as i sew majority of the kids clothes already, i might also aim at sewing my own clothes too which wont be too hard as i dont need any clothes till i lose weight!
  • Have more fun with the kids, not like we dont have fun now but i want to have more fun with them, go to the park more, take them swimming more, go to the beach more, which i should do more often seeing as the beach is only down the road!
  • Be more organised, yes thats right i need to get organised i might have to go get an organiser to write down activities that are planned so i know what days are free and what days aren't
  • Be more social, i am a bit of a hermit and i never used to be, so my goal this year is to get out of the house more and meet new people, last year i started taking the kids to playgroup and this year i want to start doing other fun activities so have started chatting in the SA part of EB to meet more people around my area, not only will it be good for me but it will be good for Bailey and Hartley too.

Ok well six seems to be my number so i will keep to six resolutions hopefully all of them will be achievable for me, its not like i have done any that will be impossible to achieve, but to achieve mine i will have to actually make myself do it them just think yeah i'll do it tomorrow!

Well it's time i got off this computer and hopped on the exercise bike for 5kms and i might also have some time to do my first sewing of 2008, and i have a snake tank to clean, all before my terror wakes from his morning nap, and yes he is a terror he is into everything lately even broke my glass mixing bowl yesterday :( and as he's tall for a 13mo he can reach into the sink and on the boards so now a baby gate is in place

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2008 :)

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