Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catch up post from me

This is the supergirl cape Bailey wanted me to make her, just so dont look closely at the applique lol

Bailey chose the colours she wanted and what she wanted on it and then sat and helped me pin the material and sat chatting to me while i did the sewing.

It was gorgeous she said to me are you finished yet and i explained i just needed to turn it the right way out and sew the edge, and she gave me a kiss and told me i am doing a great job! I thought this was gorgeous since she has been playing me up due to last week but now it seems my happy girl is back!

Now this photo is better late then never i suppose! These shorts are made from gorgeous denim minky and are so soft to touch and double as a nappy cover too!
Now do you think i could take those necklaces of off Hartley? He thought they were great fun to play with! I love this picture probably because of the necklaces and the grin cos he knows he's being cheeky! Also because it was taken when his skin was normal and not sore looking
This is how Hartley looked on monday, still looking bruised and sore but a big improvement on how it was when the welts first happened, now just ignore the look of the ugly disgustable we have just got Hartley back into his modern cloth nappies yesterday after all the medicine stopped as i didn't want any of his nappies being ruined.

Also i think with what went on in the past week i dont think using cloth in hospital would have worked came in handy that the hospital supplied nappies to use while in there as packign nappies was the last thing on my mind when we headed out the door to go to the emergency department

This is Hartleys chest on the same day i hate the bruise near his left armpit, it looks so yucky and then theres his thighs that are still red and welty looking of course no where near as bad as they were and he's not in the pain he was in from them but now since he isn't going through enough as it is he has a molar coming through

This sock monkey was a SS present i received this year from a lovely friend called Danni, while its my softie Hartley and Bailey claimed it as theres and have become attached to it so much so we took it to hospital with us and Hartley would just lie there cuddling it as it is nice and soft.
Now we're home he still won't let it out of his sight! But that doesn't bother me as long as he's happy and smiling then i'm happy! These last two pictures were from yesterday it's amazing to see the change in his marks in just 24hrs the bruise by his armpit is there but hard to see in the light it was taken.
Hartley's face looks sorer but its the nature of the beast since his skin is so sensitive at the moment even rubbing his eyes when he's tired causes big red blotches :(

Its funny but the first welt appearred last monday 14th of jan and now nine days later he still looks sore but luckily isn't as sore as it looks, i am wondering how long till his skin stops being so sensitive to light, touch and water, i was told seven to ten days so hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Ok long blog from me

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