Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's funny when you look at a picture and realise your baby girl is growing up way too quickly! She's wearing the singlet i was making for Hartley but it turned out huge and fit Bailey, her reply when i asked for a picture?

"Oh mannn" No idea where this has come from but it's all i heard from her all weekend, other then "You have a yummy boyfriend" or "You have a ugly boyfriend" both the boyfriend ones we are stumped no idea who has said that to her as she's not at kindy due to holidays, but it did give us a laugh when she said to my dad that he had a yummy boyfriend!

Another thing Bailey has learnt this weekend is how to dive under the water and keep her eyes and mouth closed! I came home from Spotlight and she was so proud to show me and i was so proud of her as she hates getting her face wet.

This is the op shop fabric i was talkign about last post, though the emerald cord is really hard to see as silly me took the photo on our green leather sofa

And Last is of Bailey with Star the coastal carpet python, not the best picture as our friend Dan was just putting Star around Baileys neck, but this girl is obsessed with our scaley pets and always wants to hold them and will probably grow up working with them in some way if she keeps going how she is!

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