Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My op shop buy today, i cant believe i walked into my local op shop and found a box of singer parts!

Kim i think the second picture of the smaller box has the zipper foot top left hand corner to the right of the blue thing (great terminology hey!)

I am just about to add a clearer pic of it for you

No idea what this foot would be used for but it sure does look interesting! Anyone reading this if you know what it is and what its used for it would be very helpful :)
So not the best pic but yet another foot i have no idea what it is lol

Kim this is the one i think would be the zipper foot, let me know if it is handy for you


Cass said...

That big chunky one (photo under small box) could be an old fashioned walking foot.

Kim said...

Thanks Kys. Unfortunately I don't thinks it's compatible:( I wonder if the other foot is a walking foot? It's much more complex than all my feet.